Send To BCCs

This Microsoft Outlook add-in allows you to send bulk emails that look like they've been sent individually. When sending emails to a large list of recipients, people often leave the To and CC boxes blank, and put them all in the BCC box. That way the recipients don't know who else the email has been sent to. This add-in sends individual emails to all the people in the BCC box, with their individual email address in the To box, so it looks like you've gone to the effort of sending it directly and only to them.

To use the plugin, write an email in Outlook as you normally would, put the recipients all in the BCC box, and then instead of clicking 'send' click on the 'add-ins' menu, and select 'send to BCCs'

To install the add-in, download the attached file (click on where it says '1 attachment' above, then click on SendToBCCsSetup.msi below), run it, then restart Outlook.

If you are using Outlook 2003, you may need to install Office 2003 Update: Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies .

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